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How To Choose Your First Wig
Welcome to Slove Hair!

Slovehair is a company that focuses on developing and producing all kinds of hair products such as braid, clips in, bundles, wigs and etc. Our company has started to exploit Europe and Africa Market since 1993 and has exported over 40 countries. We committed to promoting ladies ’ fashion and have been making great progress. Now we are the top hair brand all over the world and have set up many branches in Europe and Asian countries with mature R & D, production, storage, and logistics resources.

SloveHair represents a free, independent, confident, and welcoming lifestyle. We never converge on the form, we believe that everyone has their own unique style. Designers have incorporated this concept into every product, making SloveHair's design with a distinct personal style, reflecting pure woman flavor while showing an individual character's lifestyle.

Our slogan is "Enjoy your style!"  Every girl wants to find a style that suits her. We  SloveHair has always been dedicated to creating every girl with different skin colors, ethnicities, and cultures to find their own styles in Slovehair”s world.

With decades of hard work in the international market since our brand set up, with a goal to build a world-class brand, with the operating principle focus on "with extreme quality, create a comfortable lifestyle", we have made great contributions to the global hair products market.