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How To Choose Your First Wig
Free Wig-Making Service

Wanna say goodbye to the immutable style? Slovehair launched a customized service: You can choose any length, any color, any texture, any closure, and Slovehair will customize it to a wig according to your requirements. You will get a unique Wig to belong to you only. In order to thanks for supporting Slovehair, this service is for FREE temporarily. If you have a high standard of the pursuit of beauty, this may be exactly what you need.
The raw materials of customized products are the best quality hairs from all over the world. You can do whatever hairstyle you want, and no tangling. It will be also very easy and save time to handle it.
The production process is exquisite, and there is no chemical treatment in the whole process. Owning this, after you receive the product, you can perm and dye it to ensure the product can show the most natural effect.
When you want a resilient texture and natural new hairstyle, don't hesitate, curls texture hair is always your best choice. No matter which angle you look at, it is shiny and beautiful. You can make your favorite hairstyle and keep you perfect anytime, anywhere!
The slightly bleached knots, enough baby hair around the pre-plucked natural hairline, making the wig look more natural and realistic.
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Water Wave & Free Wig-Making Service

Kinky Curly & Free Wig-Making Service

Kinky Straight & Free Wig-Making Service

Deep Wave & Free Wig-Making Service

Body Wave & Free Wig-Making Service

Straight Free & Wig-Making Service

At the same time, in terms of lace size, you also have more choices, we will do our best to serve you.
lace closure size:  2X6inch  & 4X4inch  & 5X5inch  &  6X6inch  & 7X7inch 
Lace frontal size:  13X4inch  &  13X6inch  & 360 frontal   
If you want more density, also can add more bundle if you like 

The Top 10 Reasons to Choose DIY wig From Slove Hair

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